To go within is something everyone should strive for.

To go within is something everyone should strive for.
There is a spiritual plane of existence. It is real. We are eternal. Your loved ones still live just in a different form.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Life As It Is

I have had a very interesting life. When I was five years old, I started telling my mom about people who were visiting me and talking to me. When she questioned me further, she knew I had the gift. This is the psychic gift that she knew had been with three previous generations of our family.

Mom had a visitor one day and as they sat there drinking coffee, I went to my mothers friend cocked my young head and said, " She has a baby in her tummy." Her friend laughed and went home promptly. Later on after some tests it was revealed she was indeed pregnant. I was six at the time.

My mother had a talk with me as time went on to tell me that I had to be careful when this gift came through as some people wouldn't understand, so for years I tried to block what was happening but you cannot turn your back on something that is a part of you for too long. What I have learned through the years is I am supposed to help others with my gift and honor it, not hide it.

I do not read tea leaves or palms. I rely on the voices of spirit guides and God to assist me during readings. If passed on loved ones are present I share what they want me to with the person who is there. I am a channel of spiritual energy so they will come through if they are present. I cannot force them to do this. It is all voluntary. Free will prevails even on the other side.

I cannot read minds. I do however read auras and they give away a persons state of mind. I am highly intuitive so it is hard to lie to me and I can read you medically and tell you if something is wrong or about to be. My readings always contain spiritual information from the creator just for you for your growth and knowledge.


  1. Hello Rev. Diannia,

    Thank you for the opportunity to ask you a question.

    I have been struggling quite a great deal here lately trying to understand what is it that I am NOT doing that is preventing me from manifesting a long cherished goal/desire?

    Thank you again, Rev. Diannia.

    Peace and Blessings,
    Brenda Kay

  2. What a gift to have Sis! I'm glad you are not keeping it to yourself!

  3. I love this new blog you started :) Thank you for allowing us inside of your personal world. I look forward to reading your posts each day.

    Life has been feeling rather different lately.. I feel as though I am being called to push through old issues once and for all. It creates fear and although I feel as though I am receiving guidance I would love to be able to 'clearly' hear what my Higher Self wants me to know so that I can focus on what is really important for me right now in order to succeed in doing what it is my soul is working on. What does my Higher Self want me to know?

    Thank You!

  4. Chantyl,
    First of all relax and don't try so hard. Being still and quiet through meditation is very important to push all thoughts from the mind so the higher self can communicate with you. I also recommend keeping a journal as a daily practice. I do feel you are being guided toward the next step in your life and that there is some gift that you have that needs to be honored and used right now.

  5. Brenda,
    That would be hard for me to say at this point but one thing I cam picking up is there is a sense of not being worthy for what it is that you desire. This negative sense of self is one of the things blocking you from what you want.

  6. Rev. Lady Diannia ~ what you picked up on, is 100% accurate. Thank you so much for putting this in front of me for me to deal with. Thank you.

  7. Exactly what I needed to hear and reconfirm! Blessings and big hugs to you.. you've helped more than you know. :)