To go within is something everyone should strive for.

To go within is something everyone should strive for.
There is a spiritual plane of existence. It is real. We are eternal. Your loved ones still live just in a different form.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You Do Make a Difference

Once upon a time there was a wise man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach before he began his work.

One day he was walking along the shore. As he looked down the beach, he saw a human figure moving like a dancer. He smiled to himself to think of someone who would dance to the day. So he began to walk faster to catch up.

As he got closer, he saw that it was a young man and the young man wasn't dancing, but instead he was reaching down to the shore, picking up something and very gently throwing it into the ocean.

As he got closer he called out,"Good morning! What are you doing?" The young man paused, looked up and replied,

"Throwing starfish in the ocean."

"I guess I should have asked, why are you throwing starfish in the ocean?"

"The sun is up and the tide is going out. And if I don't throw them in they'll die."

"But, young man, don't you realize that there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it. You can't possibly make a difference!"

The young man listed politely. Then bent down, picked another starfish and threw it into the sea, past the breaking waves and said,

"It made a difference for that one."

Monday, December 27, 2010

Salisbury Paranormal Investigation...Mean Old Bess

Salisbury Paranormal Interview with Clark Family
Mean Old Grandmother Bess and Rachel…December 18th, 2010

I got a call from Donna, the founder of SPG to go on an interview with her. This is the first time she asked me to do this. I usually just go on the investigation with her but she told me that the young girls in this household had specifically asked for me to be there also. I said yes I would go. When children are involved of any age, I am on board.

Donna gave me a few details about the girls being touched and seeing spirits. The mother had seen things as well. The father thought he might have seen a shadow here and there but said it was more than likely nothing. The family dog, a female boxer was known to growl at certain spots in the house. I started psychically tuning in before we ever got there. The impressions I was getting gave me pause because I knew there was a mean spiteful old lady there who had caused a lot of harm when she was alive.

When we arrived and sat in their family room, the young girls of the household starting telling us about the ghost of a young girl seen in the closet. I listened to them and all the while I kept seeing and feeling Bess, so I asked them to tell me about the old lady. You could have heard a pin drop, when Donna said, “I didn’t tell you about any old lady.”
Our agreement is to never give me any information before hand that may color my psychic impressions. They confirmed that was indeed an old woman they all had seen.
They were being poked and their hair was being touched etc.

We walked around the house and did a preliminary investigation and Bess was very much there. Afterward we gathered with the family. The first time contact is made with the family is to determine if there is enough activity present to warrant a full investigation.
I started giving them my impressions and psychic hits. The old lady was Bess. In her lifetime she was a sanctimonious, mean-spirited, holy-roller bible thumper. She could have written a book on what she thought a sin was! As I allowed my abilities to take over I received such anger from Bess. She was not a happy camper when she breathed the same oxygen as us. She was guided by her conditioning and upbringing. She was a product of her crazy preacher father and skittish mother.
Bess had a daughter who had become pregnant out of wed-lock and that was like the ultimate bad thing to Bess. She actually delivered her own grandchild. During the birth her daughter hemorrhaged and died and Bess did not seek help for her. She had to raise her granddaughter who she named Rachel and she made this child’s life a living hell. To punish her which she did frequently she would wet her down and lock her in a closet. The spirit of the child was always seen sitting down hugging her knees with her head down. The grandfather left when the child was about 3 years old because he could not take what Bess was dishing out to both him and the child. Whenever he acted as a buffer for this little girl, Bess only took her anger out more on the child.
What I hadn’t told the family at that point was the old woman had backhanded Rachel.
She fell and hit her head and died almost instantly. Bess hid her body in a closet and buried her two days later. As I started talking about Bess, Donna’s recorder and KII meter were still on. The meter started flashing and a few evp’s were caught.
We left shortly after that and a date was set to come back with the team and do a full investigation.

Investigation…Clark Home!

Evening of December 18th…conditions cold and clear low of 27 degrees. Rural location… early 1900’s farm house two-story…wood frame.
Family went outside and sat around an open pit fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows with friends during the investigation.
They kept a low key atmosphere and were quiet and respectful. It is generally recommended that the family not be at home or in the home while we do our thing. It is too disruptive for good results. They took the family dog with them.
Everything was set up and wires were taped down and it was time for lights out. We went by teams and I was with the second team. While the first team was doing their thing those of us in left monitored the computer screen on all the rooms where the cameras were located and kept seeing flashes of light and many orbs.

The first team came down and I went with the second team. I felt Bess right away and she was moving away from me. Whatever room I went into she would go into the next room. She was ushering the spirit of Rachel out of each room as well…trying to keep her away from us. Bess was also moving from room to room to get away from me. Later on in the evening I was able to corner her spirit in one room and blocked the doorways etc. by sprinkling Holy Water. I commanded her to be still and started the ceremony to get her to cross over. She was being stubborn so I asked for the angels to assist me. After some spiritual convincing and prayer she crossed and the room grew noticeably lighter and I felt the release of heavy energy. I immediately started calling the little girl to me
and helped her cross over right into her mother’s arms. I felt such a rush of joy when I knew she was earth bound no more.

Donna asked me if I had felt any male energy as the family felt the presence of something that felt male. She said the family wanted to know. I had felt the presence of male energy when I got there but was so focused on Bess and her granddaughter that I had not given any more thought toward the man I had felt earlier. I immediately “tuned in” and was communicated with from the other side. This male spirit was the husband’s dad, the grandfather of the girls. I became his spokesperson and shared a lot that was taped and I understand we got some real god evp’s to back up everything that was coming through.
Apparently he was hanging around to protect them and to offer comfort for his son who he felt needed some loving support. All in all this particular investigation and subsequent outcome was time well spent and to bring peace to a family and the spirits.

**The above photo was captured and above the light you can make out a woman's face and below is her skirt and what I think is an apron.I cam also make out the shape of her legs. If you click on photo you can make it larger. It also appears that she has her hand in an apron pocket.

The voice that said, "get up."

Once again I slept deep and am very rested. On Saturday night around 3:03 am I woke up being shaken. I came awake very quickly and heard a voice say "Get Up." I didn't question it. I came downstairs and walked around a bit and did not find anything out of order. I went back upstairs to return to bed and I usually use the hall bathroom but this time I was compelled to use the guestroom facilities and when I opened the closed door I was hit with a blast of heat. My room mate had put a heater on when she took a shower in this bathroom earlier in the day around 2PM. Everything was super hot to the touch including the wire to the heater. I unplugged it and opened the door to let out all the heat and that is when I knew why I had been shaken awake. It would not have been too much longer when there would have been a fire. This is a common occurrence in my world to be warned or given a spiritual heads up on something I need to know. I am beyond grateful.

My room mate was visibly alarmed when I shared with her the next morning what had almost happened. I think she will be a lot more careful in the future. The evening before she captured on film a very large and well-defined orb floating above my grape arbor. She wondered if it was the spirit that woke me. Who knows. All I know is I was protected. My point to all this is if you feel a strong psychic prompting such as this...don't ignore it! We are all psychic to one degree or another and should honor the gift.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Whole lot of stuff going on...

Lately I have noticed that there seems to be some big changes going on not only in my world but the whole world and more specifically in my neighborhood with job losses and even a few houses very near by going up in flames, literally.
Just this week alone I received news of two deaths and one close call. One was an attempted suicide and another died from years of alcohol abuse that destroyed his health...still another from a tumor.

The world has changed and is changing as I write this. I am trying to hold onto hope that we collectively will be able to rise up as a group that shows what we are made of and do something, anything to make a difference.

I am getting visions and it is taking a lot of my energy to stay tuned into the universal energy and digest what I am seeing. It is intense. What I will say is it is imperative that we develop the power of our minds to manifest peace and harmony in our lives and if ever there was a time to exercise the Golden Rule this is it.

Sad Charles

Salisbury Paranormal Research Group
Paranormal Investigation…November 13th Sad Charles

It met with the group and followed them out of town down a long country road and then taking a left quite a ways out we went even further into the country. There was very little out there except for a few homes, fields and cows. It was isolated in this area. This was what they call being in the boonies. When I got out of the car the first thing I felt were many spirits, not just in the immediate vicinity but all around us and far into the surrounding woods and country side. I walked around the property and was given the psychic impression of graves. In an area to the left of the house I was standing on disturbed graves. I knew there were bones beneath my feet.
It took a while to set up and the sun was setting and it was getting very cold. The stars were crystal clear and bright. The two men were regaling us with stories of being held down in bed, seeing ghosts of a tall dark figure, short ones and a little girl. Their neighbors across the street had also experienced ghostly phenomena. I knew we were going to have a very interesting night. I had felt it before we got there.

All the prep work was done and the cameras were in place. The computer was ready to monitor everything and all the lights were shut off. I was with the first team. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. I could feel primarily a male spirit. We talked to the darkness asking questions and were getting no spikes on the K2 meter. We had the digital recorders on to record any evp’s we might get. As I sat on the couch in the living room I saw this tall dark figure in the doorway of the bedroom. We moved in there and put the K2 meters on the bed along with the digital recorders. I could feel the spirit in there. There were no spikes on the meter to indicate his presence or drops in temperature. I was trying to provoke him a little and that is when I got two hard tugs on my sleeve and then my leg was grabbed. Oh, he was absolutely there.

Later I went in with two men with the team for another try and this time it was totally different. As we sat in the living room and I talked with the spirit, the K2 meter started lighting up a little and then a little more. We went into the bedroom and that is when the action on the K2 meter went wild. I started talking and the needle was buried on the meter. It was lighting up like a Christmas tree in response to my questions and comments.
That is when I felt the sadness, confusion, guilt, loneliness and anger. Psychically I was given the name Charles and the year 1828. The graves in the yard were his family. I could feel his guilt. They had all died of some illness and he could not stop it. When the land was cleared the graves were disturbed. I continued to talk to him and took a different tack. I spoke of love, God and oneness and how our souls are eternal. That is when the K2 meter went extremely active in response to what I was saying. I could feel such a sadness coming from Charles. I told him God was with him. I knew he had cursed God as his family died one by one and he could do nothing and blamed God for it. He had a heavy sense of guilt because of it. I told him as one soul to another I loved him. The meter continued to light up and didn’t stop. It was all being filmed by both men as it happened. I have never seen a K2 meter light up this way and be so active. Everyone concurred that they had never see this before either. After a bit I could feel Charles grow peaceful but still the K2 was continually lighting up as Charles communicated to me through the meter. I told him how happy and pleased I was that he was doing this and it seemed he wanted to please me. Later on I went back in and sat with some of the female members of the team to hopefully light up the K2 again and once again shortly after I got in there it lit up just as before as I talked to Charles.

I know I gave him some peace and I know the activity was some in part because of the men who lived there. They were actually drawing the spirit energy to them and didn’t have a clue about the spirit world. The holding down episodes was in part to teach them a lesson about respect. I knew that these two men made fun of the ghostly activity that went on. This is not a good thing to do and I feel it will continue for a long time until they either get more respectful or move away.

After I got home I said my prayers for Charles and his family and felt a special place in my heart for them and for Charles in particular who lost his whole family and had to bury them one by one until whatever had sickened and killed them took him also. I can’t imagine how that must have felt. I had been there for five hours and the next day I was exhausted from the energy spent on this investigation.

When I give readings I am always a little tired afterward but this was different. Today I feel more like me and I am so grateful for the people I love in light of feeling the pain and grief of a loving protective spirit named Charles. Charles, I pray that you may rest in peace soon.

There were a few of us that was deeply affected by this investigation and felt so sad for this lost spirit that had specifically asked for my heap with the EVP's so
I went back to the house and performed the ceremony of light to help Charles and his young daughter Rachel go into the light together. It was beautiful and so peaceful. It moved me to tears and now I am at peace and so are the rest of us in the group.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Mothers Message!

A mothers message from the other side can be so powerful. It can bring about closure, healing, letting go and peace. This is often the case. Let's face it, our mothers brought us into this world. She carried us in her womb. Good, bad or indifferent, she is our mother.

I gave a reading a while back to someone who had a major shift in spiritual awareness because her mother chose to make herself available to me psychically. At first I may get mind images of them and I see their form. I may only see the body in a certain area. Maybe it is the shoes and lower legs because that would have significance. I would describe what I am seeing to the loved one. These are called identifiers. Spirits always send these. Eventually they send me images of them whole and I can describe them. They are also in all kind of surroundings from sitting in a chair to being in a boat in a river or ocean. What happens next is a kind of spiritual whisper as they deliver to me what they want to convey. I hear it in my right ear.

This mother came through with so many identifiers that it boggled my mind. This young woman sat in front of me with shock on her face. She told me she knew it was her mother. The energy was strong. I delivered the message to her daughter to go look in her house. I saw a long old pine hallway with several doors on either side. She wanted her to go to a particular closet. The house was old and had high ceilings and many of these old closets had a very high shelf or a hidden secret area. She told her to go and look there as there was a gift for her. The mother then told her to be at peace about death...there was nothing to fear. There was so much love in that room. She had died physically only six months earlier.

Healing tears were shed and I wrapped my arms around her and held her for a while as she sobbed from the pit of her soul. Some tremendous release took place as it must if we are ever going to be whole again after you lose someone you love.
Later on that day she called me laughing and crying at the same time. It seems she went to her mothers house and went to that closet. She had to get a step stool to get to the high shelf her mother had spoken of. She pulled off the shelf a box wrapped in pretty paper with a bold red bow. It was a birthday present for her that had been purchased and hidden away. Her mom had died two weeks before her birthday. It was a red robe, over sized, super soft with pockets. She was bubbling with joy and peace.

Not all readings are this intense but one thing is for sure...we are eternal. We live on. When you think about it for just a moment or two, we are doggone amazing!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What is your belief regarding your own EXTRASENSORIAL power?

Do you believe in extrasensorial power? Every time I’m asked this question my answer is always a categorical YES.

Yes we all have extrasensorial powers!
Yes, we’re all capable of developing them!

And in case you were wondering, I’ve decided to tell you how you too can discover and use your own personal power. Do you really believe in the existence of extrasensorial abilities?

If you want to use your extrasensorial faculties, you first have to believe in their existence. Although that may seem obvious, it’s often the main obstacle preventing people from exploiting their own gifts. Ask yourself whether you really believe in them or not.

Most people are intellectually seduced by the fact that they could have parapsychological abilities, but don’t really believe deep down that these faculties exist, or that they themselves might be able to exploit them.

That’s the first question to ask yourself: “Do I really believe in the existence of parapsychological faculties, or is it just an appealing hypothesis that I might use, for example, to escape reality?”

If your answer to this first question is a clear YES, then discovering and using your own abilities, while not child’s play, should be easy.

Force of conviction is a principle that applies not only to parapsychological abilities but to all aspects of life. If you start off not believing that something is possible or that you’re capable of accomplishing it, then you’ll never succeed. If you’re convinced you’ll never be rich, then you never will!

The same goes for discovering your own powers: if, deep down, you don’t think you have any, or that you’re not capable of developing them, then you have no chance of using them one day.

In that case it would probably be best if you stopped reading this right now, and got back to your normal life, as difficult and frustrating as it may be.

Believe in your powers! That’s the only way to really If you develop your extrasensorial powers your life will change completely for the better. Not only will you be able to positively transform your present life, which you’re not happy with, you’ll also be able to help others change. You could even make that your main occupation, since so many people need change.

Never believe what you’re told!

I understand if you’re skeptical, because you still don’t know your own powers. You’ve never been able to see the changes they can bring to your life.

Keep that skepticism intact, because it’s going to help you as you discover your parapsychological gifts. Don’t believe anything anyone tells you, but try it to see for yourself if what they say is true or not. Including what I’m telling you now!

I’m not asking you to blindly believe what I say, but in a way I am. Let me explain.

When I tell you not to assume that what I say is true, I’m encouraging you to keep a critical mind about everything that happens to you as you discover your personal abilities.

But when I do ask you to believe me, I’m encouraging you not to refuse to accept the possibility that you have extrasensorial abilities. As far as they are concerned, you should only draw your conclusions after seeing if you have parapsychological abilities or not. Give yourself a chance to be happy!

You have every right not to believe in the existence of parapsychological faculties. That’s strictly up to you. But you should come to your decision only AFTER trying to see if you have them or not. Not BEFORE!

Don’t prevent yourself from being happy because you’ve made a theoretical decision that parapsychological abilities don’t exist. That false idea is derived, to a large extent, from your environment, and the culture you live in, which has a distorted view of the divinatory arts. Since they’ve been condemned and ridiculed by the scientific world, most people don’t believe in them, trusting instead in science and technology.

You’ve got to get beyond that narrow way of thinking, espoused by the dominant culture you live in, which is preventing you from gaining access to your extrasensorial abilities.

To summarize: Doubt… but try for yourself and see what happens.

Give yourself a chance to change your existence and live the way you deserve. Put an end to your present life, which doesn’t suit you at all! But you know that better than I do, since you live it every day.

One way to change is to discover and develop your personal abilities. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Now it’s up to you!

Do you, right now, really believe in the existence of extrasensorial powers:

If you answered YES to, then you should start trying to develop your para-psychological abilities right now. If you answered NO, read what follows…

All great traditions believe in extrasensorial abilities

If you’re religious or have a spiritual inclination, then you must believe in extrasensorial abilities! There’s no lack of examples in the three great religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) and in the oriental traditions (Hinduism, Buddhism) of exceptional beings, spiritual masters, saints... all of whom expressed their extrasensorial powers.

Whether it’s talking with spirits or the deceased, remembering past lives, predicting the future, levitating, reading people’s minds… entire books have been written on the subject of divination. You’ll get rid of any doubts you may have about the existence of your own extrasensorial abilities by reading some of this material.

If you’ve ever been in contact with an authentic psychic, clairvoyant, medium or telepathist, then you must believe in the reality of para-psychological gifts.

But do you believe in your extrasensorial gifts?

It’s one thing to believe in para-psychological abilities and quite another to believe in YOUR OWN extrasensorial gifts!

You may think, “Yes, they exist, but they’re reserved for special people who are above common mortals, superior beings.”


The major difference between you and the people who are “above common mortals” is the fact that they believed in their abilities and developed them. That’s it! If you do the same, if you believe in yourself, you can become one of the most famous psychics of your time!

How to develop your gifts

Here’s what you have to do. This is a simple method, but it’s effective and can work very quickly.

First, concentrate on the idea that it’s never too late. You can discover your extrasensorial abilities at any age, although as time passes your ability to learn, your energy level and your cerebral faculties tend to diminish. So the sooner you get started, the better!

Keep your intentions positive or they’ll come back to haunt you!

Next, start thinking as often as possible during the day that your extrasensorial powers you are developing. That’s all. You can express this thought out loud as often as you want, especially before going to sleep. Try to express a sincere desire to know more about your gifts. Just make sure to keep your intentions positive.

If you want to develop your abilities to harm others, turn them into mental slaves and take advantage of them, even get rid of them... then stop right now!

Sooner or later the harm you do to others will come back to hurt you. I’m not making any moral judgments about Good and Bad here, I’m simply informing you of the laws that govern the invisible worlds, and the results I’ve already seen many times, when these immutable laws were not heeded.

Keep your mind concentrated on Good, and the Invisible Guides will tell you what paths to follow. Gradually, the gifts you should cultivate will appear, and become yours to do with as you please after you develop them.

My Dream World

My dream world is very vivid and some mornings I wake up and it feels like the real world is the dream world and so on. Lately I have been dreaming a lot about water. I am either near or on water.
One thing I know is if the water is clear it is a good thing and muddy water is not. My dreams are mostly about clear water lately. Last night I was in a canoe going down stream that took me right into a large cave. The current was strong. There on the bank of this cave was a torch and a man who blessed me and sent me on my way with the gift of a large Indian blanket. The current looped out of the cave. I had it wrapped around my shoulders and not too far from the cave mouth the canoe capsized and I went into the water. The blanket was weighing me down and became heavy with the water. I didn't want to let go of it but If I didn't I would drown. I let go of it and swam to a near by shore. I was very sad in my dream as I felt I had let go of something important but I had lived because I did. The meaning of this dream is very clear.
Our dreams are not always so clear but it is important that we pay attention to them because there is much guidance there. I am grateful.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Paranormal investigation...Ralph's Leg

Paranormal Investigation Outcome...Ralph’s leg!
by Rev. Diannia Baty
Recently my gift of psychic/medium ability has drawn the attention of some local paranormal groups. I also have given many readings in this surrounding area and the word is out. I was asked by one such group to assist on a local investigation for a family that was being terrorized by something to the point that they were about to move out of their home. In particular their two year old son was screaming and frightened by something that opened closet doors in his room after he was put to bed. The parents were also frightened by whatever was going on. I went with the team to identify and possibly cleanse the house of the offending spirit activity. When I was told it had involved a child I was on board in a heart beat. I am a big softy with animals and children.

When we arrived the lady of the house took her young son and left to go to her girlfriends and was going to return later after we were finished. Fast forward to lights out, cameras in place and all the other stuff that goes with meters, digital recorders etc. It was just like you see on television with someone outside monitoring the cameras and us on a computer.

The house was 11 years old and surrounded by dark thick forest. It was a contemporary home and sparsely furnished. A real estate sign was on the front lawn. These people were serious about wanting to move. I met the young wife and mother with her little boy in her arms. I told her she would be able to come home, sleep in peace and would not need to sell.

This is what happened after lights out. The first team went in with all their gear and started walking around. It was pitch black and if that were not enough to set the tone...there was a full moon and a clear sky. I sat outside staring at the computer and talking with the other two members of the team. I had the thought while I walked in the dark woods with my camera that I could not have ordered up a more perfect atmosphere for this if I had tried. Sound seemed to be magnified. The temperature and clarity of the night was the cause for this. Sounds carries more powerfully when the circumstances of weather are good, like cooler and less humid. My eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness. I could hear a dog baying in the distance. I made note of it!

After a while the first team came out, they had been communicating via two way radios. Now it was time for my team. The moment I had arrived on the property I had felt it was the property not the house that was the main cause of the spirit energy and that there were two not one spirits. They were both male and there was a big black dog with them. No one could get a temperature drop or a spike on the meter. I started calling them out and called them cowards for scaring such a young child. I told them I knew they were there. We went all over the house, in the basement, crawl spaces and closets. One of the ways they had manifested their presence was continually opening closet doors, messing around with the electricity, knocks and of course, scaring the child. They moved him out of that room because he would wake up screaming, pointing at the open closet doors saying, " no, no , no." yet the activity would continue. When we got to the child's old room, I strongly felt the energy of an old man come through to me on my psychic level I saw him. He had a young man with him of about 20 years old. This was his son. I got the impression his son had been a soldier. I saw the black dog at his side. He told me his name was Ralph and that he had farmed this land. " It was his land, he said." It turns out he had died from a leg injury in agony. He had broken it and part of it needed to be amputated and that is what hastened his death. I told him he was dead and did not need to be here any longer. I started my ritual to release him and his son to go into the light and go to Gods arms, that the angels would take him there etc. I felt the release as they quickly left this earth plane. I told my team the house was clean. At the moment, I was being communicating with the spirit the digital video camera went dead. It had been fully charged before we went in. Seconds after I told them the house was clean, the camera started working again.We started wrapping things up and called the wife to tell her she could come home. She had opted to stay at her girlfriends house because the child had fallen asleep.
Today the founder of this group got this e-mail. I have left out names at the request of the family.
Again, I can't thank you ALL enough for everything you have done! I had to share this with you: Last night at my girlfriends house, my child was having a rough time sleeping so around 4am, he called for me. When I went to check on him, he said "Mommie, I want to go home." So I said "You want to go home?" He jumped up and down laughing YES! So, we left and once we got to the house, he was all smiles. We came inside, and he ran to the middle of the living room, took out his paci, and clapped his hands while saying "Alllllllllllllll gone! See you soon!"

I was in shock! He went into his room on his own, and stood by the closet saying "Bye bye!" then went to his crib, and asked me to put him in. I did and he went right to sleep! What an amazing thing to see! All because of you and your wonderful team! I had to share this with you! I am anxious to see what you have captured on video / audio. Even if it's nothing, at least we got some answers. I still have a few more questions, but that can wait!
Thanks again, and please spread our appreciation to the rest of your team. Your NEW friends :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Things that make me more in tune with the spiritual world

Wake up everyone, there is an upswing of interest in the paranormal that is unprecedented in history. There are meet up groups, paranormal investigation businesses, classes and lectures and countless television programs about the paranormal. By the way paranormal means beyond normal.Consequently, there is a resurgence of people wanting psychic readings and spiritual coaching. I find myself slowly busier with a schedule that actually resembles a schedule. I have to check my schedule every day before I say yes to anything.
I never have any two days alike anymore. This past Saturday for the first time in quite a while I did absolutely nothing. I find that these kind of days are important. It was a rare day that I had no motivation and no desire to create so I relaxed the entire day. I was deliberate about it as I knew that it would be a while before I can do it again. It felt good to allow myself that gift. I find the more I take care of me the stronger my gift becomes. It helps me to keep my third eye open.
The second thing is I make sure I get plenty of rest no matter what. We were designed to get a certain amount of sleep. Everything breathing is designed a specific way to rest and sleep. If you buck the design then you put yourself at risk for the body to break down.
I go outside every day no matter the weather. It keeps me in tune with the earth vibrations and feeds me. If you are in a situation that affords you to work out of your home or for whatever reason are at home most of the day...make yourself go outside. Don't stay in the box all day. You were designed to be both inside and outside. Rake a small pile of leaves. Trim something. Take a meander about the neighborhood. Go to the library and check something out. I feel more connected to my maker when I do something/anything outside. By the way, I hug trees quite often. Yes! I am a tree-hugger and proud of it.
The third thing I do each day is meditate. It is one of the single most important things you can none!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Readings...general information.

I am getting a lot more requests for readings and I am glad to see it. Many of you want information and guidance. I do not advise getting a reading more that once every three months. You are wasting your money if you do this. Try to take notes during a reading and I am not at all uncomfortable with it being taped. This is better because you can concentrate on what is being said.

Someone told me recently that my readings were different than anything she had experienced before because she was given counseling, coaching and spiritual information all in one. She said it gave her so much to think about in terms of making her life better. She was very appreciative.

I love to give readings and it does take a lot of my energy when I do them. This past Saturday I gave three readings back to back. I was spent when I finished but happy and grateful that I could help. There was a time when I did not honor this gift. That is no longer the case.

The spiritual energy is alsolutely changing.

I recently got a call from a lady who heads up a paranormal group and she asked me what was going on because there has been a lot more paranormal activity lately.
I am meeting her on Thursday in an old turn of the century building that used to be a school and is now a restaurant.
This place called the Wrenn House is occupied by a little girl who is being seen a lot more and she is getting very playful. I have eaten there many times and have felt and seen here. To me it is no big deal but to others it is something else again. I live in a world of spirits.
I did participate in an investigation a few months back and the spirt energy was very strong that day. While I was communicating with one of the spirits, the temperature dropped almost thirty degrees. One of the investigators saw a dark cloud of energy coming right toward me as I talked to the spirits there. She was very frightened by what she experienced and I knew she would not last long in her new interest.
The veil between the worlds is thinning as we approach the ascension and the changes that are going on in our world. This is part of the reason for stronger and more frequent spirit activity right now. There has always been another side of reality and we are being shown that side a lot more now. It is something that we should get used to. It is not going away.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

No Ordinary Days

This is no ordinary day but then no day is ordinary to me. I feel spirit energy all around me as if they are lining up for their turn to communicate with me. If I am trying to write they will create distractions to get my attention.
Spiritual entities can be anything from angels, spirit guides, passed on souls or God. Each one feels and manifests differently.

Today I feel angels. They are subtle and their presence is soothing and calm. I may hear music or singing when they are near. I will feel a soft brushing against my cheek or my hair.

When I ask them to draw near for a particular reason they always do. There is almost never any interference as that would not allow my free will to do what I please with my life.

I feel that they are going to give me some guidance about something so I will remain alert.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Hiss of the Universe

I can hear in the back ground of every moment a soft hiss. It is not disturbing to me. It has always been there. This sound is the vibrating energy of the entire universe. It is comforting to me. It lets me know that I am connected to call waiting.
I am convinced that the universe was created by sound vibrations. If  you go into a quiet room with no outside noise and sit quietly, you will hear it.
Go to you tube and check out Cymatics and you will be amazed.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Science of Getting Rich.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Science of Getting Rich.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Psychic World of "Lady D": Finding Lost Things

Psychic World of "Lady D": Finding Lost Things

Finding Lost Things

When people lose or misplace things, they frequently call me to see if I can tune in and help them find it.
I am successful most of the time. I thought I would help you to use a few spiritual tricks of the trade so to speak to use this for yourself.

When I use this for myself, I simply ask the angels to help me find it. I then go with first impressions on where to look even if it makes no sense to me. I don't question what I am getting. I knew someone who had lost his wallet. He thought he might have been the victim of a pick pocket. We tore the place looking for it. Finally I had a DUH moment and started tuning in with the angels. I was given a vision of shoes...lots of them. Off to the closet we went and went through every shoe in there. The whole time he was grumbling that it was a waste of time. We didn't find anything. He became frustrated and got on the phone and started calling his credit card companies even though I told him to wait a bit.

I was gently led to the dresser and as I stood there and looked at it, I became puzzled because we had gone through every drawer thoroughly. The angles were insisting on something. I then got a vision of shoes again.
I visually looked at the dresser and what may be next to it. I looked through the waste paper basket and got a flashlight and looked underneath. nothing there but dust bunnies. On the other side of the dresser was a small pile of clothes that he had taken off and thrown down. I moved them and lo and behold there was a pair of cowboy boots hidden under the clothes. I reached in and there was the wallet.

When he came home he had apparently taken everything out of his pants and put it on the edge of the dresser.
I surmised that his opening and closing a drawer was all it took to cause his wallet to fall off right into a boot and over that went his dirty clothing.

I walked into the living room during his call to one of his many credit card companies and waved his wallet in his face. He was very grateful he thought it was a sheer accident that I found it. What do you think?


Saturday, August 14, 2010

You already have the answers!

"The story is that, once upon a time, there was an emperor, and
the emperor heard that in his empire there was a man, a wise man
with occult powers. He had all the powers in the world. He knew
when the wind was blowing what messages it would carry from
one country to another. He read the clouds and he realized that
the clouds had a design. He knew the meaning of that design.
He heard the birds. He understood the language of the birds; the
chirping of the birds carried messages. And then he heard there
was a man who also knew how to read another person's mind.

I want to see him, said the emperor. They found him. They brought
him to the emperor. Is it true that you know how to read the
clouds? Yes, Majesty. Is it true you know the language of the
birds? Yes, Majesty. What about the wind? Yes, I know. Okay, says
the emperor. I have in my hands behind my back a bird. Tell me, is
it alive or not?

And the wise man was so afraid that whatever he would say would
be a tragedy, that if he were to say that the bird is alive, the
emperor, in spite, would kill it. So he looked at the emperor for a
long time, smiled, and said, Majesty, the answer is in your hands.

It's always in our hands." We just have to learn to listen to the voices
and the guidance. We all have it.

YouTube - Bashar - Winning The Lottery

YouTube - Bashar - Winning The Lottery

Signs of Your Own Psychic Ability

We hear the term "Psychic" every now and then everyday. Looking at any dictionary or book, you will get different meanings such as "pertaining to the human soul or mind"; " a person who can see outside of natural or scientific knowledge"; "a person sensitive to influences or forces of a nonphysical or supernatural nature"; and many others. But, you rarely can find a clear cut description to define if someone has psychic abilities. So how do you know if you have these extraordinary abilities?

The truth is, we all have elements of psychic abilities, but it is to what degree we use them. There are many different signs or symptoms showing that you may be psychic. We all have instincts like when we first meet someone for the first time. Generally it goes along as normal; but oftentimes there are people who send up red flags - for whatever reason, we just don't "get good vibes" from them. Or have you ever met someone that you thought you already knew?

Those are some signs of psychic ability but without further pursuit they blend into our everyday routine. There is a common misconception that the sign of psychic abilities should be a big spiritual event. Fact is, symptoms or signs of psychic abilities can come in the most basic forms. Here are 5 simple signs of psychic ability:

1. LUCID DREAMING. In your sleep you see things, may it be persons, figures, names, and even an event. Then these dreams became reality the very next day, or even as soon as you wake up.

2. THE UNINTENTIONAL KNOW IT ALL. Simply put, you just really know what's going to happen next before it does. This sign of psychic ability can happen in a normal setting that you are chatting with your family or friends, and even before they tell you the story, you hear voices hinting you on what's next.

3. THE STRESS OF CROWDS OR GROUPS OF PEOPLE. If you ever felt tired being in crowded places even if you didn't do much or exert any effort, this is a psychic sign as well. You collect and feel the energies of others which causes you to lose yours. This means you are an empath, you can even feel their emotions and having to feel what a lot of people feel all at the same time stresses you out. It will be important to learn how to sense feelings without taking on the energy of it. I will address this more later on.

4. SENSING YOUR SURROUNDINGS. This Psychic sign is as simple as walking into a room and just seem to sense depression, tension, or maybe even delight. This is a noticeable perception. And if you are experiencing this psychic symptom, it is a strong gut feeling. You will just KNOW something has occurred in that room, that house, or in the situation... even before you arrived.

5. THINK OF... AND APPEAR! Time and again, you have thought of someone or something, and within minutes, hours, or days, this person or object somehow just "pops up". But this does not mean this happens every single time you think of someone. Coincidence, you think but there is no such thing as coincidence? It is happens too often, then that is Psychic ability.

These are just a few of the signs of psychic abilities. There many more. Surprising as may seem but having last song syndrome where a particular song stays in your head for so long is sign! Other signs would be having irregular patterns of sleeping and the difficulty of waking up despite to good rest you had for the night. This may be weird but it is real. Out of simple things shall come the great things in life. Same is true with psychic abilities. They come is small and simple things yet if enhanced shall bring tremendous effects. The challenge is for people to recognize them because they can blend to our daily routines and be hard to identify.

The World of Spirits

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. It is not the other way around. As a world we are far too identified with our physical bodies and our belongings. That is not what we are. Our body is just a physical suit to allow us to experience life in a different form.
When we die or transform, it is only the physical body that goes away. Our spirit lives on and has lived for many lifetimes. We are eternal. 
When we are in the spiritual realm, we have a choice as to when or even if we want to come back again. There are some spiritual entities that have never been human. It is considered a real big deal to get to be human for a while.
If we could rid ourselves of the fear of death we would live more fully and full of joy. Life is one heck of a ride anyway you look at it and you get to choose how it is going to be.

My Life As It Is

I have had a very interesting life. When I was five years old, I started telling my mom about people who were visiting me and talking to me. When she questioned me further, she knew I had the gift. This is the psychic gift that she knew had been with three previous generations of our family.

Mom had a visitor one day and as they sat there drinking coffee, I went to my mothers friend cocked my young head and said, " She has a baby in her tummy." Her friend laughed and went home promptly. Later on after some tests it was revealed she was indeed pregnant. I was six at the time.

My mother had a talk with me as time went on to tell me that I had to be careful when this gift came through as some people wouldn't understand, so for years I tried to block what was happening but you cannot turn your back on something that is a part of you for too long. What I have learned through the years is I am supposed to help others with my gift and honor it, not hide it.

I do not read tea leaves or palms. I rely on the voices of spirit guides and God to assist me during readings. If passed on loved ones are present I share what they want me to with the person who is there. I am a channel of spiritual energy so they will come through if they are present. I cannot force them to do this. It is all voluntary. Free will prevails even on the other side.

I cannot read minds. I do however read auras and they give away a persons state of mind. I am highly intuitive so it is hard to lie to me and I can read you medically and tell you if something is wrong or about to be. My readings always contain spiritual information from the creator just for you for your growth and knowledge.