To go within is something everyone should strive for.

To go within is something everyone should strive for.
There is a spiritual plane of existence. It is real. We are eternal. Your loved ones still live just in a different form.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

You already have the answers!

"The story is that, once upon a time, there was an emperor, and
the emperor heard that in his empire there was a man, a wise man
with occult powers. He had all the powers in the world. He knew
when the wind was blowing what messages it would carry from
one country to another. He read the clouds and he realized that
the clouds had a design. He knew the meaning of that design.
He heard the birds. He understood the language of the birds; the
chirping of the birds carried messages. And then he heard there
was a man who also knew how to read another person's mind.

I want to see him, said the emperor. They found him. They brought
him to the emperor. Is it true that you know how to read the
clouds? Yes, Majesty. Is it true you know the language of the
birds? Yes, Majesty. What about the wind? Yes, I know. Okay, says
the emperor. I have in my hands behind my back a bird. Tell me, is
it alive or not?

And the wise man was so afraid that whatever he would say would
be a tragedy, that if he were to say that the bird is alive, the
emperor, in spite, would kill it. So he looked at the emperor for a
long time, smiled, and said, Majesty, the answer is in your hands.

It's always in our hands." We just have to learn to listen to the voices
and the guidance. We all have it.

YouTube - Bashar - Winning The Lottery

YouTube - Bashar - Winning The Lottery

Signs of Your Own Psychic Ability

We hear the term "Psychic" every now and then everyday. Looking at any dictionary or book, you will get different meanings such as "pertaining to the human soul or mind"; " a person who can see outside of natural or scientific knowledge"; "a person sensitive to influences or forces of a nonphysical or supernatural nature"; and many others. But, you rarely can find a clear cut description to define if someone has psychic abilities. So how do you know if you have these extraordinary abilities?

The truth is, we all have elements of psychic abilities, but it is to what degree we use them. There are many different signs or symptoms showing that you may be psychic. We all have instincts like when we first meet someone for the first time. Generally it goes along as normal; but oftentimes there are people who send up red flags - for whatever reason, we just don't "get good vibes" from them. Or have you ever met someone that you thought you already knew?

Those are some signs of psychic ability but without further pursuit they blend into our everyday routine. There is a common misconception that the sign of psychic abilities should be a big spiritual event. Fact is, symptoms or signs of psychic abilities can come in the most basic forms. Here are 5 simple signs of psychic ability:

1. LUCID DREAMING. In your sleep you see things, may it be persons, figures, names, and even an event. Then these dreams became reality the very next day, or even as soon as you wake up.

2. THE UNINTENTIONAL KNOW IT ALL. Simply put, you just really know what's going to happen next before it does. This sign of psychic ability can happen in a normal setting that you are chatting with your family or friends, and even before they tell you the story, you hear voices hinting you on what's next.

3. THE STRESS OF CROWDS OR GROUPS OF PEOPLE. If you ever felt tired being in crowded places even if you didn't do much or exert any effort, this is a psychic sign as well. You collect and feel the energies of others which causes you to lose yours. This means you are an empath, you can even feel their emotions and having to feel what a lot of people feel all at the same time stresses you out. It will be important to learn how to sense feelings without taking on the energy of it. I will address this more later on.

4. SENSING YOUR SURROUNDINGS. This Psychic sign is as simple as walking into a room and just seem to sense depression, tension, or maybe even delight. This is a noticeable perception. And if you are experiencing this psychic symptom, it is a strong gut feeling. You will just KNOW something has occurred in that room, that house, or in the situation... even before you arrived.

5. THINK OF... AND APPEAR! Time and again, you have thought of someone or something, and within minutes, hours, or days, this person or object somehow just "pops up". But this does not mean this happens every single time you think of someone. Coincidence, you think but there is no such thing as coincidence? It is happens too often, then that is Psychic ability.

These are just a few of the signs of psychic abilities. There many more. Surprising as may seem but having last song syndrome where a particular song stays in your head for so long is sign! Other signs would be having irregular patterns of sleeping and the difficulty of waking up despite to good rest you had for the night. This may be weird but it is real. Out of simple things shall come the great things in life. Same is true with psychic abilities. They come is small and simple things yet if enhanced shall bring tremendous effects. The challenge is for people to recognize them because they can blend to our daily routines and be hard to identify.

The World of Spirits

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. It is not the other way around. As a world we are far too identified with our physical bodies and our belongings. That is not what we are. Our body is just a physical suit to allow us to experience life in a different form.
When we die or transform, it is only the physical body that goes away. Our spirit lives on and has lived for many lifetimes. We are eternal. 
When we are in the spiritual realm, we have a choice as to when or even if we want to come back again. There are some spiritual entities that have never been human. It is considered a real big deal to get to be human for a while.
If we could rid ourselves of the fear of death we would live more fully and full of joy. Life is one heck of a ride anyway you look at it and you get to choose how it is going to be.

My Life As It Is

I have had a very interesting life. When I was five years old, I started telling my mom about people who were visiting me and talking to me. When she questioned me further, she knew I had the gift. This is the psychic gift that she knew had been with three previous generations of our family.

Mom had a visitor one day and as they sat there drinking coffee, I went to my mothers friend cocked my young head and said, " She has a baby in her tummy." Her friend laughed and went home promptly. Later on after some tests it was revealed she was indeed pregnant. I was six at the time.

My mother had a talk with me as time went on to tell me that I had to be careful when this gift came through as some people wouldn't understand, so for years I tried to block what was happening but you cannot turn your back on something that is a part of you for too long. What I have learned through the years is I am supposed to help others with my gift and honor it, not hide it.

I do not read tea leaves or palms. I rely on the voices of spirit guides and God to assist me during readings. If passed on loved ones are present I share what they want me to with the person who is there. I am a channel of spiritual energy so they will come through if they are present. I cannot force them to do this. It is all voluntary. Free will prevails even on the other side.

I cannot read minds. I do however read auras and they give away a persons state of mind. I am highly intuitive so it is hard to lie to me and I can read you medically and tell you if something is wrong or about to be. My readings always contain spiritual information from the creator just for you for your growth and knowledge.