To go within is something everyone should strive for.

To go within is something everyone should strive for.
There is a spiritual plane of existence. It is real. We are eternal. Your loved ones still live just in a different form.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sad Charles

Salisbury Paranormal Research Group
Paranormal Investigation…November 13th Sad Charles

It met with the group and followed them out of town down a long country road and then taking a left quite a ways out we went even further into the country. There was very little out there except for a few homes, fields and cows. It was isolated in this area. This was what they call being in the boonies. When I got out of the car the first thing I felt were many spirits, not just in the immediate vicinity but all around us and far into the surrounding woods and country side. I walked around the property and was given the psychic impression of graves. In an area to the left of the house I was standing on disturbed graves. I knew there were bones beneath my feet.
It took a while to set up and the sun was setting and it was getting very cold. The stars were crystal clear and bright. The two men were regaling us with stories of being held down in bed, seeing ghosts of a tall dark figure, short ones and a little girl. Their neighbors across the street had also experienced ghostly phenomena. I knew we were going to have a very interesting night. I had felt it before we got there.

All the prep work was done and the cameras were in place. The computer was ready to monitor everything and all the lights were shut off. I was with the first team. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. I could feel primarily a male spirit. We talked to the darkness asking questions and were getting no spikes on the K2 meter. We had the digital recorders on to record any evp’s we might get. As I sat on the couch in the living room I saw this tall dark figure in the doorway of the bedroom. We moved in there and put the K2 meters on the bed along with the digital recorders. I could feel the spirit in there. There were no spikes on the meter to indicate his presence or drops in temperature. I was trying to provoke him a little and that is when I got two hard tugs on my sleeve and then my leg was grabbed. Oh, he was absolutely there.

Later I went in with two men with the team for another try and this time it was totally different. As we sat in the living room and I talked with the spirit, the K2 meter started lighting up a little and then a little more. We went into the bedroom and that is when the action on the K2 meter went wild. I started talking and the needle was buried on the meter. It was lighting up like a Christmas tree in response to my questions and comments.
That is when I felt the sadness, confusion, guilt, loneliness and anger. Psychically I was given the name Charles and the year 1828. The graves in the yard were his family. I could feel his guilt. They had all died of some illness and he could not stop it. When the land was cleared the graves were disturbed. I continued to talk to him and took a different tack. I spoke of love, God and oneness and how our souls are eternal. That is when the K2 meter went extremely active in response to what I was saying. I could feel such a sadness coming from Charles. I told him God was with him. I knew he had cursed God as his family died one by one and he could do nothing and blamed God for it. He had a heavy sense of guilt because of it. I told him as one soul to another I loved him. The meter continued to light up and didn’t stop. It was all being filmed by both men as it happened. I have never seen a K2 meter light up this way and be so active. Everyone concurred that they had never see this before either. After a bit I could feel Charles grow peaceful but still the K2 was continually lighting up as Charles communicated to me through the meter. I told him how happy and pleased I was that he was doing this and it seemed he wanted to please me. Later on I went back in and sat with some of the female members of the team to hopefully light up the K2 again and once again shortly after I got in there it lit up just as before as I talked to Charles.

I know I gave him some peace and I know the activity was some in part because of the men who lived there. They were actually drawing the spirit energy to them and didn’t have a clue about the spirit world. The holding down episodes was in part to teach them a lesson about respect. I knew that these two men made fun of the ghostly activity that went on. This is not a good thing to do and I feel it will continue for a long time until they either get more respectful or move away.

After I got home I said my prayers for Charles and his family and felt a special place in my heart for them and for Charles in particular who lost his whole family and had to bury them one by one until whatever had sickened and killed them took him also. I can’t imagine how that must have felt. I had been there for five hours and the next day I was exhausted from the energy spent on this investigation.

When I give readings I am always a little tired afterward but this was different. Today I feel more like me and I am so grateful for the people I love in light of feeling the pain and grief of a loving protective spirit named Charles. Charles, I pray that you may rest in peace soon.

There were a few of us that was deeply affected by this investigation and felt so sad for this lost spirit that had specifically asked for my heap with the EVP's so
I went back to the house and performed the ceremony of light to help Charles and his young daughter Rachel go into the light together. It was beautiful and so peaceful. It moved me to tears and now I am at peace and so are the rest of us in the group.

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