To go within is something everyone should strive for.

To go within is something everyone should strive for.
There is a spiritual plane of existence. It is real. We are eternal. Your loved ones still live just in a different form.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Salisbury Paranormal Investigation...Mean Old Bess

Salisbury Paranormal Interview with Clark Family
Mean Old Grandmother Bess and Rachel…December 18th, 2010

I got a call from Donna, the founder of SPG to go on an interview with her. This is the first time she asked me to do this. I usually just go on the investigation with her but she told me that the young girls in this household had specifically asked for me to be there also. I said yes I would go. When children are involved of any age, I am on board.

Donna gave me a few details about the girls being touched and seeing spirits. The mother had seen things as well. The father thought he might have seen a shadow here and there but said it was more than likely nothing. The family dog, a female boxer was known to growl at certain spots in the house. I started psychically tuning in before we ever got there. The impressions I was getting gave me pause because I knew there was a mean spiteful old lady there who had caused a lot of harm when she was alive.

When we arrived and sat in their family room, the young girls of the household starting telling us about the ghost of a young girl seen in the closet. I listened to them and all the while I kept seeing and feeling Bess, so I asked them to tell me about the old lady. You could have heard a pin drop, when Donna said, “I didn’t tell you about any old lady.”
Our agreement is to never give me any information before hand that may color my psychic impressions. They confirmed that was indeed an old woman they all had seen.
They were being poked and their hair was being touched etc.

We walked around the house and did a preliminary investigation and Bess was very much there. Afterward we gathered with the family. The first time contact is made with the family is to determine if there is enough activity present to warrant a full investigation.
I started giving them my impressions and psychic hits. The old lady was Bess. In her lifetime she was a sanctimonious, mean-spirited, holy-roller bible thumper. She could have written a book on what she thought a sin was! As I allowed my abilities to take over I received such anger from Bess. She was not a happy camper when she breathed the same oxygen as us. She was guided by her conditioning and upbringing. She was a product of her crazy preacher father and skittish mother.
Bess had a daughter who had become pregnant out of wed-lock and that was like the ultimate bad thing to Bess. She actually delivered her own grandchild. During the birth her daughter hemorrhaged and died and Bess did not seek help for her. She had to raise her granddaughter who she named Rachel and she made this child’s life a living hell. To punish her which she did frequently she would wet her down and lock her in a closet. The spirit of the child was always seen sitting down hugging her knees with her head down. The grandfather left when the child was about 3 years old because he could not take what Bess was dishing out to both him and the child. Whenever he acted as a buffer for this little girl, Bess only took her anger out more on the child.
What I hadn’t told the family at that point was the old woman had backhanded Rachel.
She fell and hit her head and died almost instantly. Bess hid her body in a closet and buried her two days later. As I started talking about Bess, Donna’s recorder and KII meter were still on. The meter started flashing and a few evp’s were caught.
We left shortly after that and a date was set to come back with the team and do a full investigation.

Investigation…Clark Home!

Evening of December 18th…conditions cold and clear low of 27 degrees. Rural location… early 1900’s farm house two-story…wood frame.
Family went outside and sat around an open pit fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows with friends during the investigation.
They kept a low key atmosphere and were quiet and respectful. It is generally recommended that the family not be at home or in the home while we do our thing. It is too disruptive for good results. They took the family dog with them.
Everything was set up and wires were taped down and it was time for lights out. We went by teams and I was with the second team. While the first team was doing their thing those of us in left monitored the computer screen on all the rooms where the cameras were located and kept seeing flashes of light and many orbs.

The first team came down and I went with the second team. I felt Bess right away and she was moving away from me. Whatever room I went into she would go into the next room. She was ushering the spirit of Rachel out of each room as well…trying to keep her away from us. Bess was also moving from room to room to get away from me. Later on in the evening I was able to corner her spirit in one room and blocked the doorways etc. by sprinkling Holy Water. I commanded her to be still and started the ceremony to get her to cross over. She was being stubborn so I asked for the angels to assist me. After some spiritual convincing and prayer she crossed and the room grew noticeably lighter and I felt the release of heavy energy. I immediately started calling the little girl to me
and helped her cross over right into her mother’s arms. I felt such a rush of joy when I knew she was earth bound no more.

Donna asked me if I had felt any male energy as the family felt the presence of something that felt male. She said the family wanted to know. I had felt the presence of male energy when I got there but was so focused on Bess and her granddaughter that I had not given any more thought toward the man I had felt earlier. I immediately “tuned in” and was communicated with from the other side. This male spirit was the husband’s dad, the grandfather of the girls. I became his spokesperson and shared a lot that was taped and I understand we got some real god evp’s to back up everything that was coming through.
Apparently he was hanging around to protect them and to offer comfort for his son who he felt needed some loving support. All in all this particular investigation and subsequent outcome was time well spent and to bring peace to a family and the spirits.

**The above photo was captured and above the light you can make out a woman's face and below is her skirt and what I think is an apron.I cam also make out the shape of her legs. If you click on photo you can make it larger. It also appears that she has her hand in an apron pocket.

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