To go within is something everyone should strive for.

To go within is something everyone should strive for.
There is a spiritual plane of existence. It is real. We are eternal. Your loved ones still live just in a different form.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Disorderly Orderly...Sadistic Benjamin

Well the word is getting out and another paranormal group contacted me regarding a previous investigation they had done at an nursing home in Lexington North Carolina that had been closed down for ten years. They got some powerful evp's and K2 meter reading while they were there previously. The founder of this group is a spiritual man who wishes only to help. His motives are good. The story about the old Brain Center is that some horrible things went on there that lead to it being closed down. Even though it had only been ten years it looked like the state of decay was more like thirty years.
Michael wanted me to identify what if any spirits may be in residence there and to help if any needed to be crossed over into the light.
So on Sunday, January 16th I found myself there. I have crossed over many spirits and This is just another way to be of service. It was cold in there and every single window and almost every door was gone. The roof was leaking and there was debris everywhere and graffiti on the walls. As we walked along the hallway I started feeling that there were many spirits there and I could feel their energy as being mainly frightened and confused. I came to one dark room and could feel a female by the name of Rose in there. She was hiding in the dark. Slowly the story started to emerge. There was an orderly there at one time who abused and terrorized many of the patients there. Rose, in particular was one of his favorite targets. He put lit cigarettes out on her and pulled her hair. At one point she bit him and that is why he abused her more than the others. He would pick on those who had strokes or dementia and couldn't communicate very well. He also sodomized some of the male patients with a broom handle. Benjamin was a piece of work. Before long I could feel his presence and he did not like me at all. I started talking to him and the k2 meter was lighting up like crazy. He called me a bitch which I heard psychically and one other person heard audibly. He also used the well known FU a few times and he hissed it at me. His story started to emerge as he had been horribly abused as a child by a family member which caused him to be permanently impotent as a result. That was no excuse for his tirade of terror while he was alive. There were so many things that had been covered up and Benjamin was personally responsible for 4 deaths that he was never prosecuted for.

At one point as we walked around Michael saw a spirit of some kind dash across a door way. He said it was a man. I felt it was Benjamin following us. I picked up 14 men and women who were being held there by Benjamin and not being allowed to cross into the light. The only way for this to happen was to force Benjamin to leave. I walked back to the dark room where I first felt Rose as it became clear through some hits we were getting that Benjamin was in there.

I lit a white candle burned some white sage and started my prayers and ritual. I called upon the angels, Jesus and The most high to be there to help me. The angels quickly surrounded Benjamin and pinned him so to speak as I started my ceremony. The vortex of light rose above the angels heads and they tightened up the circle. Before long it was done and he was gone from the earth plane and I knew the rest would follow very quickly.
I called on all the trapped spirits who had been held back to go into the vortex of light. The three people who were with me standing in the hallway just outside the door could feel a rush of energy and air coming into the room. The portal had been created and these abused spirits were not reluctant to go into the light and be with their loved ones. There was such excitement and joy present. Rose was the last one to pass over. The energy changed immediately to one of lightness. All the heavy dark energy was gone. What was left was just an old abandoned nursing home in the woods.
I felt such a rush of gratitude that on this day I crossed over 15 spirits. My work was done. God is good. I have thought of sweet little Rose since then and it sickened me to think of what this man got away with. If anything this investigation showed me that we really need to stay on top of our elderly and their care. if they have to be in a nursing facility, don't be too busy to check on them and if anything is off and doesn't feel right investigate it right away. There are a lot of good places out there but there are also some real hell holes.
Benjamin...I might be a bitch in your eyes but I am a powerful one.

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  1. Which nursing home in Lexington, NC? That is my hometown, and my mom is in a nursing home there now that is still open...thanks!