To go within is something everyone should strive for.

To go within is something everyone should strive for.
There is a spiritual plane of existence. It is real. We are eternal. Your loved ones still live just in a different form.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Paranormal investigation...Ralph's Leg

Paranormal Investigation Outcome...Ralph’s leg!
by Rev. Diannia Baty
Recently my gift of psychic/medium ability has drawn the attention of some local paranormal groups. I also have given many readings in this surrounding area and the word is out. I was asked by one such group to assist on a local investigation for a family that was being terrorized by something to the point that they were about to move out of their home. In particular their two year old son was screaming and frightened by something that opened closet doors in his room after he was put to bed. The parents were also frightened by whatever was going on. I went with the team to identify and possibly cleanse the house of the offending spirit activity. When I was told it had involved a child I was on board in a heart beat. I am a big softy with animals and children.

When we arrived the lady of the house took her young son and left to go to her girlfriends and was going to return later after we were finished. Fast forward to lights out, cameras in place and all the other stuff that goes with meters, digital recorders etc. It was just like you see on television with someone outside monitoring the cameras and us on a computer.

The house was 11 years old and surrounded by dark thick forest. It was a contemporary home and sparsely furnished. A real estate sign was on the front lawn. These people were serious about wanting to move. I met the young wife and mother with her little boy in her arms. I told her she would be able to come home, sleep in peace and would not need to sell.

This is what happened after lights out. The first team went in with all their gear and started walking around. It was pitch black and if that were not enough to set the tone...there was a full moon and a clear sky. I sat outside staring at the computer and talking with the other two members of the team. I had the thought while I walked in the dark woods with my camera that I could not have ordered up a more perfect atmosphere for this if I had tried. Sound seemed to be magnified. The temperature and clarity of the night was the cause for this. Sounds carries more powerfully when the circumstances of weather are good, like cooler and less humid. My eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness. I could hear a dog baying in the distance. I made note of it!

After a while the first team came out, they had been communicating via two way radios. Now it was time for my team. The moment I had arrived on the property I had felt it was the property not the house that was the main cause of the spirit energy and that there were two not one spirits. They were both male and there was a big black dog with them. No one could get a temperature drop or a spike on the meter. I started calling them out and called them cowards for scaring such a young child. I told them I knew they were there. We went all over the house, in the basement, crawl spaces and closets. One of the ways they had manifested their presence was continually opening closet doors, messing around with the electricity, knocks and of course, scaring the child. They moved him out of that room because he would wake up screaming, pointing at the open closet doors saying, " no, no , no." yet the activity would continue. When we got to the child's old room, I strongly felt the energy of an old man come through to me on my psychic level I saw him. He had a young man with him of about 20 years old. This was his son. I got the impression his son had been a soldier. I saw the black dog at his side. He told me his name was Ralph and that he had farmed this land. " It was his land, he said." It turns out he had died from a leg injury in agony. He had broken it and part of it needed to be amputated and that is what hastened his death. I told him he was dead and did not need to be here any longer. I started my ritual to release him and his son to go into the light and go to Gods arms, that the angels would take him there etc. I felt the release as they quickly left this earth plane. I told my team the house was clean. At the moment, I was being communicating with the spirit the digital video camera went dead. It had been fully charged before we went in. Seconds after I told them the house was clean, the camera started working again.We started wrapping things up and called the wife to tell her she could come home. She had opted to stay at her girlfriends house because the child had fallen asleep.
Today the founder of this group got this e-mail. I have left out names at the request of the family.
Again, I can't thank you ALL enough for everything you have done! I had to share this with you: Last night at my girlfriends house, my child was having a rough time sleeping so around 4am, he called for me. When I went to check on him, he said "Mommie, I want to go home." So I said "You want to go home?" He jumped up and down laughing YES! So, we left and once we got to the house, he was all smiles. We came inside, and he ran to the middle of the living room, took out his paci, and clapped his hands while saying "Alllllllllllllll gone! See you soon!"

I was in shock! He went into his room on his own, and stood by the closet saying "Bye bye!" then went to his crib, and asked me to put him in. I did and he went right to sleep! What an amazing thing to see! All because of you and your wonderful team! I had to share this with you! I am anxious to see what you have captured on video / audio. Even if it's nothing, at least we got some answers. I still have a few more questions, but that can wait!
Thanks again, and please spread our appreciation to the rest of your team. Your NEW friends :)

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